Figuring Out the Best Target Audience

When companies are trying to figure out what the best target audience is for a new product or service, they often turn to marketing experts. Experts that specialize in a specific field are the best ones to help companies develop strategies, do market research, assist with creative services, and handle public relations. Education industry consultants, for example, are the best people to help with education marketing. They know the field, the trends, the markets, and the target audiences. They can help determine if the best target audience for that new interactive video game, for example, is school districts, school libraries, or private elementary schools. Utilizing education market research is the first step in the process.

General and wide primary research methods, such as surveys, focus groups, and interviews will quickly and cost-effectively indicate if there is a need, or if there is any interest in such a product. Secondary research includes field research, review of pre-existing research reports, checking relevant websites for information, and analyzing the results. That phase will provide a clear picture of consumer interest, sales potential, product positioning, and possible distribution channels. It will also make sense of the raw data and determine any competitive threats to the product.


It may be that a competitor is closer to launching a similar game, and has previewed it to school libraries. That information would indicate a high risk for the feasibility of the new game. The company can then choose to drop the product development, or revise the game so it is suitable to middle school computer skills. The research conducted will help the company determine if a change in target audience will change the success of the product, or if the market cannot sustain one more interactive video game of any type. The information is essential, regardless of what the outcome is because it saves companies a lot of valuable time, effort, resources, and money. Marketing to the right target audience is crucial to some types of products and services. Taking the risk to develop new products without the benefit of research or marketing advise is not the best use of company resources. Seeking expert advice should always be the first move, especially in a volatile and uncertain economy.


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